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Quintrex Boats

Quintrex Boats

With a dealer network that spans the country, you’re sure to find a great boat for your needs. Founded in 1945, quintrex dealers NSW has been pioneering aluminium boat design and research for nearly 70 years. From the humble family runabout to rugged offshore fishing rigs, the company offers something to suit every budget and style. From the first model, the Apex Hull, to the latest technology and innovations, the company is a leader in boating.

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The hull of a Quintrex boat is known for its sweeping chines that throw spray out to the sides and away from the occupants. This design is the pinnacle of boating and has led to the company’s leadership in aluminium boat development for more than 70 years. Its chines are sweeping, allowing the water to gently catch and float on them, giving them a softer ride than standard hull designs.

A typical bow allows spray to bounce back in on the occupants, while a flared bow throws the spray out to the sides. In conjunction with a Blade Hull, the Flared Bow provides the driest ride possible. Aside from these benefits, Quintrex boats have additional standard features like rod holders, extra storage and lighting. The wide bottom makes it more stable than its competitors, and a wide console and cast decks provide extra comfort while fishing.

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