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Choosing a Santa Cruz Tree Service

Choosing a Santa Cruz Tree Service

The cost of a Santa Cruz tree service is often determined by the type of tree you have. Some types of trees grow quickly and require more frequent trimming than others. By hiring a Santa Cruz tree service for a yearly checkup, you can save yourself the expense of expensive replacement or removal. There are a number of factors to consider when hiring a Santa Cruz tree service. Listed below are a few considerations for hiring a professional.

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The Tree Service Experts at Kola Care Tree Co are a certified arborist team that has been servicing Santa Cruz properties since 2004. Their online reviews say they are reliable and experienced. Another company, Lewis-Tree Service Inc., is an established company that specializes in pruning, trimming, installing structural support, and removing trees. While the company is not the largest in the area, it offers competitive pricing and a long list of satisfied clients.

The tree service professionals at Trees & Bees specialize in ongoing tree service. Their crews are highly trained and fully insured. You can expect competitive pricing for their services. Remember, trees are the most noticeable accents on your property. They can be hazardous if neglected. It’s a good idea to hire a Santa Cruz tree service before a storm strikes, but it’s essential to hire a qualified arborist before the storm hits!

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